5 Reasons Why You Need to Move from NYC to the Poconos

The bottom line: spend less money and get better quality of life for your family. What else could you want?

1. Lower Property Values

Shelbrooke Estates
This property would sell fairly quickly in NY for $1MM, but sold in Stroudsburg, PA for a fraction of that price.

If you are planning on buying a house in New York, read this first. This house sold for $280,000 in a community not too far from what I live. 4 beds, 3 baths, over 2,500 sq ft, 0.69 acre (that’s a property of over 30,000 sq ft). Price tag for something similar in NY? I found this beauty sold for $505K. Right outside of the city. Very similar specs, the lot is a bit smaller at 0.58 acre – I’m not convinced it’s nearly that spacious though –  and it was built in 1935 vs. 1995. And that’s without peeking inside, which I’m sure would make this an even easier sell. Oh, and did I mention the unfinished basement? Well, you get my point.

2. More Space

We mentioned acreage above, but it’s also about quality of acreage.

Cluttered Apartment
Look at this picture. If the first thought that comes to your mind is “ideal living space”, then you’re better off in the big city.

Would you rather have a huge yard or a fence separating you from your neighbors’ houses sitting just a few feet away? And I’m sure you’ve had storage issues before. Where do you put that portable AC unit after summer? What about a bicycle or two? Christmas ornaments are no longer a problem over here. Because now you have a spacious garage and most likely an extra room and a shed. But if you’re fine with shedding thousands of dollars every year for a storage or stuffing your bedrooms with shelves, then go for it.

3. Lower State Taxes

Another no-brainer. Pennsylvania’s personal income taxes is one of the lowest in the nation at 3.07% flat. New York’s are near three times that at 8.82%. But what about Jersey? It’s actually harsher at 8.97% for 2016.  I won’t go into detail about sales taxes, city taxes and other types of taxes here, but rest assured this is not the last time we’ll come back to this topic.

4. Closer to Nature

One time my mother came from abroad to visit us in Queens, NY during the fall. She was surprised that within a few miles there were so many public parks and playgrounds. All we had to do was drive for a few minutes. With some luck you could just stroll a few blocks to the nearest playground. “What a blessing”, she said. Well, that was before we came over to PA. Now our backyard Pennsylvania Winter Sunsethas more trees than some of the parks we used to visit in Queens, and with the money we save on everything else we have a house with a pool and bought a trampoline. Who knows, maybe could buy our own playground next spring!

5. Family-Oriented Environment

With all of the above points you might get the impression that the author is against New York City or metropolitan areas in general. It is not the case at all. That is a great place and has plenty of features that will probably never be available here. The point is that each of these places cater for a completely different audience. The Poconos are exceptionally great for anyone trying to raise a family. The school districts are very good, your kids will be exposed to a very diverse community while also being able to go back home and spend time with you. You have enough space to have pets, flowers and a greenhouse where you can grow your own spices and berries. All of which are probably just marginally valuable when you’re in the city and before you have children.

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11 Replies to “5 Reasons Why You Need to Move from NYC to the Poconos”

  1. I live in London and I can tell you it’s same story. You pay a ridiculous price just to live in a cubicle near to the certer, which is revolting.

    People are more and more moving away from big centers and looking for quiet areas on the outskirts. I think it’s the best option but not everyone can afford to do that because they are stuck in their jobs and can’t relocate.

    Anyway, it’s so much better to live away from the chaos and pollution of a big city. I highly recommend anyone to do that if they can…

    All the best

    1. True that, Stefan. There are plenty of people moving out of the city here as well, and many more that want to and don’t know how. I personally moved here and kept on working in the city but now have the opportunity to leave that job and try something completely different.

  2. I’ve only been to the Poconos and NYC once each. As someone who values the countryside and doesn’t really love the city, moving out of the city seems to be a no-brainer. But perhaps that’s just where I am in life. My best friend lives in NYC and complains all the time about taxes and how they will ever be able to retire and still afford their home. I enjoyed reading this even though I live near Los Angeles. (and considering a move to Oregon)

    1. Hi Jackie,

      You’re right. There’s plenty of value NYC and other major cities have to offer, but they’re for a different public altogether. Not everyone knows about this side of the country has more to offer than just great ski resorts. Maybe your best friend should check our website and get in touch with us (mauricio@liveinthepoconos.net).

  3. I have never been to New York or to the Poconos, but the second definitely sounds more like my cup of tea.

    It is amazing that location can make such a huge. difference when it comes to property prices.

    I personally can’t understand why anyone would like to live in such close proximity with your neighbors, when there are places in the world where you can have as much space as you need.

    Maybe the house needs some TLC, but it will be well worth living away from the rat race.

    1. Hi Michel. Thank you for your comment! The city mentality can be a bit self-propagating and when you’re not part of it anymore you think to yourself “why was I there for so long?” The website is also meant to help people break out of that paradigm and come to see how their lives would be vastly improved living over here. Thanks again for contributing!

  4. Hi Mauricio,

    I personally like plenty of living space, in a home as well as outdoors. I grew up in the country and I’ve always enjoyed country life.

    I think living in NYC would be a great place to live but as you mentioned finding an area with a good school district, having pets, and the environment for your family, these are all things to consider.

    Great website. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My parents originally from NJ used to dream about moving to the poconos & we spent many summer weekends when I was a child enjoying all it has to offer. Then they finally moved to the Poconos about 7 years ago, and automatically you could tell a change in their overall well being. A greater sense of financial security, safety, community, and piece of mind. My husband and I currently reside in Queens, NY and are now ready to start a family together. Since we both work in Manhattan, we recognize the convenience of living a carefree lifestyle in the Poconos while still affording us the opportunity to pursue our careers and make a living. While we currently own our home in the suburbs of Queens, I foresee us building our custom dream home at a fraction of the cost of our home in NY and having enough money left to save and to help raise our future children.

  6. While I am looking to move from Long Island, the Poconos seems to be a very nice and reasonably priced area to live in. There’s bigger houses for way less money and much lower taxes.There are great communities and many lakes in the mountains. It is a lot less crowded too. If you like being closer to nature and the mountains as I do, then the Poconos is the place to be.

    1. Hi Rob. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to come and check on the website, so sorry for the delay. How’s Florida these days? Hope all is well!

      Last year a friend moved from Florida to Delaware. At the time he said home insurance was one of the main reasons but it wasn’t until the last couple of months that what he meant became obvious to me.

      Please let me know if I can still help you.

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