About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to LiveInThePoconos.net. My name is Mauricio and my family and I moved to the Poconos region in March, 2016. Before then we lived in Queens, New York for over 7 years and were not considering buying a house anytime soon. But it all changed once we visited some friends that had recently moved here. The town was gorgeous, the scenery spectacular and the property prices and taxes totally within our reach. In less than 3 months we were unloading our U-Haul truck into our new home.

I’m building this platform to help people in situations similar to mine. Most of the information we needed to research the area was given to us by word-of-mouth. While we were very fortunate to have had helpful and knowledgeable people guide us, I’m afraid that is not always the case. Besides, why not have a specific place where you can find all you need to know before you decide to drive all the way here?

This site was built for you. Please keep that in mind as you browse through and find that it is lacking in any way. When you do, feel free to flood us with feedback and comments and we will be happy to tailor the website to make it a better tool for you and eventually your friends and family.