The Commute

If you want to get to the City from here there are quite a few options available, although they aren’t the same ones you’re used to.

Bus services

This is everyone’s preferred method of transportation to and from the city. All of them take about 1 1/2 hours each way from Stroudsburg/Del Water Gap to Port Authority, but it could be much more depending on how close your trip is to the 8am/6pm busy hours. We have written about the experience previously in this post, but here you will find more detailed information about your actual alternatives: price, availability and quality – as evidenced by their websites or lack thereof:

  • Martz Trailways – Martz has been around for a century and is very reliable, catering for commuters as well as charter trips. Their fleet always has brand new buses and they are the only ones around here that actually leave you inside the Port Authority in NYC. The buses are equipped with WiFi and they have their own terminals, providing services like ticketing, bus schedules and so forth. Their price was around $180 for 10 trips last time this page was updated.
  • Aegean Express – This is a family owned and operated business which targets exclusively commuters. They have been servicing this area for a few years and are also fairly reliable. Their fleet has currently 4 older buses and they service far less locations than Martz. They leave from the Pennsylvania Welcome Center parking lot in the morning a 4 different times, which also happen to be the busiest. But their price point is proportionally competitive at $60 for 10 trips. All in all I consider them the best ones out there and my preferred method of transportation.
  • Bus Link – I don’t know much about them, but they seem to be at par with Aegean in many aspects. As far as I know they only have two buses that also leave from the PA Welcome Center and cost $70 for the same 10 trips.

We will include more information on other alternatives shortly, but these are considered the best options for most people and are the most popular. Future posts will include information about other bus lines, such as Polonez, the only train option which is available from Mount Arlington, NJ, the legend of the Stroudsburg/NY train line as well as some reviews and information on the optional drive to and from the city.