Wealthy Affiliate: The Best Tool to Get Your Online Business Going

Are you truly satisfied with your current 9-5 job? Does it provide a clear and exciting career path? Are your perspectives for a promotion or bonus always in line with reality? Do you feel you are being compensated fairly?

These and other related questions are probably recurring on everyone’s minds these days. To be quite honest they never bothered me a lot until not too long ago. Until then, the idea of being an entrepreneur was not only something I never seriously considered but something that I dreaded. In order to pursue that path I would have to quit a stable income, health benefits, a nicely-matched 401k and so forth. But I realized that if I wanted to accomplish some of my long-term goals in life, something would have to change. So when I came across Wealthy Affiliate, things really clicked. By the way, this entire website was created in a matter of weeks with its help.

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I came across this platform at the end of November, 2016. My impression was very positive right from the start. The basic subscription, Starter, is completely free. With that you get 10 full tutorials and video classes (see picture below), ability to build 2 websites and access to a large community of people who are always willing to help.  The contents are detailed and spoon-fed for anybody regardless of skills or background. That alone is worth a ton of money, but you get it for free. A huge incentive to get you started. In fact there is no obligation to do anything further if you feel that’s enough for your needs.Free Lessons

I personally felt like I would have much more to gain by going Premium. That means signing up for the full service and includes many more tutorials and access to an even greater array of resources to help you expand your online business and monetize it. That comes for $49/mo:

Why I Decided to Pursue It

There are some reasons why I decided to go full time in this program rather than spend my money and time elsewhere:

  • All you need is a basic knowledge about computers and internet
  • Truly helpful community that will never let you get stuck on any step
  • No unbelievable make-money-fast promises or guarantees
  • Plenty of ways to educate yourself through unlimited classes, webinars, blogs, articles, live chats and more
  • Dictate the pace of your progress by deciding how much time to commit to it
  • Several ways to monetize your business explained in detail
  • Your efforts accrue back to you 100%
  • No Fiverr-type fake paid video ads

It is too early to say mine is a success story, but within the community you can find tons of true testimonials of people like you and I that started a business little by little and now earn a respectable amount of income. Many such people have earned enough to quit their jobs and dedicate to their online businesses full time. The common trend is: none of it came to them easy, it took a lot of learning and dedication and ability to follow the training step-by-step.

My recommendation is stop wasting time and go for it. Try the Starter service for free to get a feel for what it has to offer. Once you realize this is precisely what you need, you will want more soon. Before then, be sure to check some reviews of the service online. Just Google “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The purpose of the website is to educate and help, but it will grow over time in terms of useful content and tools. In the meantime please feel free to contribute with your comments and feedback. That will help us steer our resources in the direction that’s more useful to you.